Richard Einhorn

Hey, I'm Richard 👋 I am an engineer, founder, problem solver - I love building stuff on the web. I am currently working on the next generation of B2B SaaS sales software at Minoa.

About Minoa

The way companies buy software is changing.

Companies no longer buy software because it's cool - they buy it because it solves a problem. Minoa helps sales teams articulate how their product solves a unique customer problem and how it will drive meaningful business outcomes.

Minoa business cases help close the deal.

We're fortunate to work with some of the most exciting companies in the world to help their sales teams hit their targets. Minoa automates 80% of business cases - helping sellers convince executive stakeholders and close deals faster.

We're hiring ambitious builders.

We're moving fast, work hard, iterate quickly, and take ownership. If that sounds like you, let's talk. We're hiring for a variety of roles across engineering, product, and GTM - reach out to me for more info.

About me

Some things about me:

  • Grew up in Dresden / Germany
  • Studied at the London School of Economics and University of Michigan
  • Failed to build a fintech company to automate processing of invoices and payments
  • Live in San Francisco and spend most of the day working on Minoa

Some things I believe in:

  • Biased for action - we learn from experience. I also think that the feedback loop for great ideas is surprisingly short
  • Being an outsider can be an advantage because you conceptualize problems differently
  • Big believer in single-tasking on complex problems and deep work
  • Beauty is hard to measure, but matters. Fun is easily underappreciated - entertaining outcomes are more likely
  • Books are amazing teachers. Often going back to works from Yuval Noah Harari, Daniel Kahnemann, Nir Eyal, Adam Grant, Sheryl Sandberg and many others